Wake Up With A College Stephen Strasburg Striking Out 23 Utah Nerds

Remember how hyped Stephen Strasburg was when he was pitching for Tony Gywnn at San Diego State? This is part of the reason why. A 23 strikeout performance against Utah in a 1-0 win. Talk about hanging your nuts? This is taking your nuts and rubbing them all over the state of Utah. 23 Ks? And winning the game 1-0, an insanely dominating performance by Stras. 128 pitches for that feat isn’t that insane either. It’s also insane that it’s tied for third for the most Ks in a college game ever, behind Buddy Schultz who struck out 26, and Butch Mixon who struck out 24. This game was also only his 7th start in college, pretty wild. You’re probably wondering how many hits he gave up, just 1. Think about if he would have gone complete game, 1-0, 23 Ks and no hits. Man amongst boys Strasburg was while in college, now he’s shoving on the biggest stage there is.

PS. Fire song for a highlight tape too.