Being Average Is The Key To Success


Business InsiderCartoonist Scott Adams says that when his comic strip Dilbert was published, everyone was surprised because of his “lack of artistic skill.” “At parties, I wasn’t the funniest person in the room. And I wasn’t anywhere near the smartest,” Adams writes in Time magazine. “So what’s my secret? Mediocrity. Lots of it.” Adams says that people who have average skills are capable of becoming successful if they have a combination of complementary skills. “In my case, I am merely good — not great — at several complementary skills,” he writes. “I can draw better than people who haven’t spent much time practicing. I have a clear but otherwise average writing style. And I can be funnier than people who don’t try to be funny.” “Can you name one other person who has average skills in writing, humor, art, and business? It’s a rare mixture. Individually, none of my skills are anywhere near world-class. But combined, they create a powerful market force.” Adams advises people to acquire skills that complement that ones they already have “to make it easier for luck to find them.”

Preach! Preach you mediocre cartoon artist! The fact of the matter is unless you’re gonna really excel at something, its better to just be average as fuck. Like obviously if you’re going to be a tremendous physical athlete, well you’ll probably be more successful than a comic strip artist. Thats really about it. I suppose if you’re extra intelligent you could be a big time doctor or lawyer or something too. But I don’t even think being a full blown genius is really even a big deal. I mean look at Zollo. He’s a legit genius. 1600 on his SATs. He was conceived in his mother’s ass and makes Justin Bieber playlists for a living.

If you ain’t gonna be a professional athlete or some brain surgeon, its just best to ride out with mediocrity. I’m the perfect example of it. I don’t excel at one single thing in my life. Got good grades but just because I knew how to pick professors and work the system. Never hooked up with a ton of chicks but I knew how to talk to a few of them and trick them into sleeping with me. Got a good job as an accountant but I didn’t even study accounting in school. I was a good enough monkey to cut and paste all over spreadsheets but never smart enough to really be successful. Changed directions and blog grammatically incorrect smut blurbs and that seems to kinda work. I’m certainly not the funniest guy you’ve ever met, definitely not the best writer. I just dominate mediocrity and appeal to the masses so I get to live a comfortable life making enough money all while hangin out with my dog in my boxers listening to sports radio all day. I’m KFC…the most mediocre man in the world