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Penny Hardaway Thinks There's Some Sort Of Vendetta Against Him And Memphis Because Of (Gasp!) Their Preseason Ranking

This is becoming Penny's routine. He's talked about it before. He thinks there's some sort of vendetta against him and Memphis. Hell, he's called the media out before. 

I'm a Penny fan, mostly because Memphis should be good at college hoops and he's entertaining as hell. He keeps trying to pick fights with coaches and attacks the media. I can get down with that (as long as he leaves Cal's name off his lips). 

But, Penny. Uh, we're talking about the AP poll here. This is a joke. No one gives a shit about the AP poll. I mean we have idiots like this dude voting. 

Remember, this is a team that didn't make the NCAA Tournament last year. They do bring in a top recruiting class led by James Wiseman - who has been held out of exhibitions. If you believe KenPom projections, they are 50th. There are legit questions about this Memphis team, so, yeah, 14 feels about right. That's not an insult. You're a top-15 in the country. 

Just over a week to go and I can't fucking wait for this season.