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Bulletin Board Fodder: Jarvis Landry Says 'We're Gonna Win' Before Deciding He Better Unsay It

In a time of some emotional roller coasters for the Patriots, with signings and unsignings, veterans released and then brought back and then in some cases released again, when they’ve gone from three receivers with 1,600-yard seasons on their resume to none, we needed this. There’s nothing like some good old fashioned Bulletin Board Fodder to help you make sense of the world again.

Jarvis Landry

But, I’m sorry to say, the roller coaster ride continues. Just when you thought you were climbing another hill, Jarvis Landry brought us all down again:

It was a fun nine minutes while it lasted. Clearly at least one person in the Browns organization knows what he/she is doing. Someone got to him. A PR department staffer perhaps. Someone who understands the long and inglorious history of opponents promising a win against the Patriots.

The Eagles’ Freddie Mitchell in Super Bowl XXXIX, who big timed Rodney Harrison, claiming he didn’t know his name but promised he “had something” for No. 37. And after the Pats held him to one catch, Willie McGinest reminded him that when you call out one of his teammates, you’re talking shit about all of them. “Rodney is me … is Bruschi … is Vrabel … is Seymour … is everybody on our entire team. He called out everybody. It upset us.”

Then there was the time in 2007 when they were chasing perfection and Steelers safety Anthony Smith literally used the word “guarantee” when he said Pittsburgh would win. So Brady targeted him early and often, putting him in the Randy Moss torture chamber:

Brady made it a point to run up to Smith and scream in his grill while the people in the end zone seats chanted “Guar! An! Tee! Guar! An! Tee.” And after the game Ellis Hobbs let down his guard long enough to let it be known they don’t “Ignore the Noise, regardless of what the locker room sign says by admitting, “Lesson learned. … [T]here’s a fine line and he crossed it.” Even Belichick broke his own Omerta vow of silence when he said at his postgame presser, “We were glad when he was in there.”

So it’s with a heavy heart that I report Jarvis Landry backpedaled on this like Jason McCourty will on his Go routes Sunday. It’s damned disappointing because it’s been so long since we’ve had some quality Bulletin Board Fodder around here. With any luck, as the Pats keeps going undefeated, these players and team staffs will forget the lessons learned in the past and start shooting their mouths off once again. I miss those days.