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Paul Rudd's Ant Man Action Figure Is The Biggest Asshole In The Universe

People spent countless hours, days, maybe weeks designing this Paul Rudd Ant Man action figure. One of the funniest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The guy who is always confused and outside of every plan or joke with the Avengers. Never has any idea what's going on. They decided to make that guy the biggest asshole in the universe. I mean that smirk is outrageous. 

Biggest douchebag we've ever encountered. Someone finally topped Carrabis. That Ant Man could not care less that half the universe's population was wiped out. Daughter still alive? Good enough for me. Fuck everyone else. I'm just going to keep smirking. If that smirk shows up out of the quantum realm he's not telling a single soul how to go back in time to save everyone. They don't even make Endgame. 

That action figure is either a gigantic asshole or as Conan put it, a stroke victim: "If you see this, get that person to a hospital RIGHT AWAY!" I'm glad there is still some funny left in the world. Conan is a real one. Only guy I'll genuinely enjoy interviewing someone these days in terms of late night talk shows. Plus him and Rudd's ongoing joke about showing clips is too good. Never gets old. For anyone confused, anytime Rudd goes on Conan to promote his newest show or movie he just shows the same clip from an E.T. rip off called Mac and Me. It's the greatest ongoing joke in the world. 


P.S. If I had to rank maniacal laughs in the world I'd probably go

1. The Joker (Heath Ledger)

2. Predator

3. Coley Mick. 

4. Conan 

5. Dr. Evil