Aaron Hicks Will Undergo Tommy John Surgery And Miss At Least Half of 2020

Today Brian Cashman addressed the media for his end of season remarks. This is usually when we get bombshell injury news like Didi's TJ surgery last year. This year it was Aaron Hicks. We all knew he was dealing with an elbow issue and was shutdown halfway through the season because of it. Rest and rehab proved a failure and several doctors' opinions eventually pointed to season ending surgery. 

Hicks would not accept that as an answer and towards the very end of the season decided his elbow felt good enough to give this a shot. He started throwing on his own and sent a video to New York, showing his way good enough to play. Absolutely crazy town move without the team's permission. Fast forward to the ALCS and there he was, on the roster. In Game 3, with Stanton sidelined, he got the start in center field. Throughout the series he put up some of the best at bats on the team. In 5 games he managed a .353 OBP and came up with the massive homer in Game 5 to really put the Yankees out in front. 


Now it's announced he'll have the TJ surgery and miss about 10 months. As much as that sucks, I don't regret him toughing it out because he did contribute in that series. I'll never knock a guy for gutting it out and playing through the pain. Look at someone like Jacoby Ellsbury and then look at Aaron Hicks. Two very injury prone guys, but two completely different competitors. It blows that we'll lose Hicks for at least half the season in 2020, but they'll be able to survive without him.

This surgery all but guarantees Brett Gardner will be brought back on a 1 year deal. The dude is coming off a career year but will be entering his age 36 season. The question remains, can he do it again? Brett may have benefited from the juiced ball 2019 season more than anyone with his 28 bombs, 74 RBIs, and the highest OPS of his career at .829. With CC retiring and Didi possibly on his way out, we need Gardy back to provide that veteran voice to all the young dudes. Every single one of them look up to Gardy. Now he has a clear role instead of being a fridge roster spot. 

Mike Tauchman will be very much in play for the starting role. That'll be a fun competition in spring. If Clint Frazier is still around I'm sure he'll be right in the mix too. Maybe Estevan Florial too if he remembers how to hit. Either way, I don't regret Hicks coming back for the playoffs because I think he was going to need this surgery done anyways. What's a month's difference next year during the regular season if you can contribute in the ALCS this year? 

Now there is something to be said about the Yankees giving Hicks a 7 year extension last season. He only played in 59 games in 2019 and will miss a huge chunk in 2020. For a guy who just turned 30, that's not the best of news. When he's on the field he's fantastic and a five tool player, but he's got to stay on the field. Get back soon Hicks, we'll need you in 2020 for the stretch run. 

Along with Hicks surgery came the news of Voit and Tanaka going under the knife too. Voit's you knew was coming with his core area troubling him in the second half and derailing his season. Tanaka will remove bone chips in his elbow. Both are expected to be ready for spring. Not concerned about either one in terms of the future. 

New Short Porch is out with our season eulogy. We wrap up everything and preview the massive offseason ahead.