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I Have An Announcement - I'm Officially A Butt Wipe Guy Now

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Yes, you read that title correctly. I’m a Butt Wipe guy now. Let me explain. Last weekend I was visiting some friends and we had the usual Saturday full of drinking, eating crap, and drinking some more. Well flash forward to Sunday and yeah, it wasn’t pretty as you could imagine. But, my friend had wipes in his bathroom, Dude Wipes. I used them and I am now fully converted. You wipe normally and then finish with the wipe, it’s fully flushable so it takes zero extra effort.  You know that feeling when you take a shower and your ass is clean for like 3 minutes, fresh as a daisy, ready to take on the world without shit in your pants? That’s what it feels like to use Dude Wipes. It’s the old 80/20 rule. 80% you get by regular wiping, 20% is for the wipe, the closer. So I looked these guys up, they’re actually Chicago guys and got myself a box.



Now I know what you’re going to say. But Big Cat, are they paying you to write this? Yes, of course they are, don’t be a dummy, but that doesn’t matter because 1) The above story is true and 2) I would never push a product I didn’t use and believe in myself. I’m a wipe guy now. I will never go back to exclusively using TP. I’m no longer a savage.



So here’s the link. I’m telling you honestly it’s life changing. We’ve talked about standing/sitting before, and I said at the time I sit because I don’t like to walk around with poop in my ass, well this is one step further. For anyone who doesn’t use wipes, start. For anyone that does, ditch your little wipes and switch to Dude Wipes (they’re huge). Sitting and Dude Wipes, the cleanest your ass will ever be.



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