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A Bunch Of Registered Sex Offenders Are Suing The Police For Putting "Do Not Trick Or Treat Here" Signs Outside Of Their Homes

NBC- A group of registered sex offenders in Georgia is suing a county sheriff's office for placing signs in their front yards warning residents not to trick-or-treat at their homes on Halloween. Butts County Sheriff Gary Long's office placed the large white signs in the offenders' yards last Halloween and had plans to do it again this year, but the federal class-action lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Macon, Georgia, hopes to stop it.

The suit, which says it is on behalf of all of the registered sex offenders in the county southeast of Atlanta, contends that the placing of the signs violates laws against trespassing on private property and the plaintiffs' constitutional rights against forced speech. The sex offenders also claim in the suit that they were left humiliated and embarrassed by last year's signs. They are asking a federal judge to declare the practice by the sheriff's office "unlawful and invalid."

State law gives the sheriff "many legal avenues by which he may publicize the name, address and even photograph of every registered sex offender in Butts County, but unless and until the Legislature authorizes it, coming onto their property to force them to display signs is simply not one of them," attorney Mark Yurachek, who represents the plaintiffs, said in a statement.

Oh booooo hoooooo, a couple of poor little sex offenders don't like having a sign on their door telling people not to trick or treat at their address? I get that there is probably some strict letter of the law that says you can't just start placing signs on people's private property because it opens up a whole can of worms. But if you flip a few pages in that same law book, I bet there is a whole bunch of letters about how wrong being a sexual offender is. And if you flip to a whole bunch of other places in that book, there is a lot of descriptions about violent crimes, which is exactly what parents would commit if they saw some pedo creep try to lure their kids inside on a day that promotes taking candy from strangers being a good thing.

Since this is 2019 and there is likely a band of bleeding internet hearts ready to defend sexual predators' rights from the Twitter roof tops, I have already presented these sex offenders with two options: 

1. Allow the No Trick Or Treat sign to stay up outside of your house to deter any parent with a brain to willfully bring their kid to a known sex offender's house for a free Kit Kat

2. Watch the police inflate one of those giant union rats in the state-owned street outside of your house with a sign that says "A Sexual Offending Scumbag Lives In The House Behind Me" and let things (including eggs, shaving cream, and toilet paper) fall where they may.

Because if you are a convicted sex offender, you should not only lose your freedom for a brief time, but you should also your right to give out Halloween candy. You gotta do the time if you do the heinous crime. That simple. Do not pass Go, do not see the good costumes, and do not get revered as a God in the neighborhood for being the person that buys full sized candy bars.


Not flexing, simply blogging the facts