The Little Person Fighting In RnR 10 Is Stevie Janowski...

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 10.55.12 AM

I’m not talking about the length of their head either, although it is similar, I’m talking about their cadence. The way Pablo talks you’d think Kenny Powers was behind the camera.  That naughty smile, the slow delivery, the inflection- all of it. It’s Stevie Janowski. Here’s his hype video, which is currently my favorite of all time right behind Jess Welcome To The Jungle Jessina.

Skip to thirty three seconds when he says, “I’m ready to put on a show” and tell me that’s not Stevie saying “Marbles and bananas, Kenny.”


The way he talks about the ring girls is the same way Stevie talks about Maria too. It’s uncanny. The fighters this go around are shaping up to be the most unintentionally funny group we’ve had so far. Can’t wait to watch this guy fight on November 22nd.

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 PS: Here’s a Janowski best of if that one clip didn’t scratch your itch.