Bill Self Saying The NCAA Investigating Him For Cheating Is 'Motivating Him To Win More Than Ever' Is One Of The All-Time Spin Zones


[Source] - "Certainly, I haven't liked it," Self said about the investigation. "But it's also, in a strange way, motivating me, probably, in a way that maybe I have never been to combat this by taking care of our business on the basketball court, working with our players in a way that maybe exceeds any way I've ever done it."

What a spin zone. I mean I'll give Bill Self credit here, the guy knows how to win over traditional media folks with dumb things like this. Oh, you're motivated to win? What the hell else would you be dummy? 

I'll tell you what, Bill Self and Kansas can't get out of their own damn way with this thing. They want to be the victim - remember they claimed they were the victim when they got players that got them to a damn Final Four. But at the same time they want to say fuck you to the NCAA. You can't do both. 

And how about this line? 

"Absolutely, Kansas will always prevail," Self said. "Always. And I'd like to think I will as well. But I think the school is obviously much more important than an individual is.

Kansas always prevails?!? You've never been in this situation before! You've never have numerous level I violations against both you and your program. You know why Kansas might prevail here? Because the NCAA will likely screw up the investigation. That's the best case scenario. They have to prove that Adidas was acting as a booster.