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This Clip From HBO Real Sex Made Me Laugh Out Loud


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Watching some late night HBO and this gem came on… Is this racist?



This is from Real Sex right?  Which obviously begs the question what type of psycho still watches Real Sex?  Like I used to watch that shit when I was 12 and had no other porn options unless I wanted to buy Playboy and get busted by my parents.  But who watches Real Sex now?   Real Sex was always the biggest letdown going.  Almost impossible to rub one out too.  Anyway I have no idea if this is racist or not, but it’s hilarious. “Watermelon…Watermelon no doubt.”    To be honest I don’t even think the question mattered either.  You could have asked this guy anything about anything and his answer was gonna be watermelon.   Hey I ain’t mad at him.