Experts: Serial Poopers Are In The Serial Pooping Game For The Rush Of It


For some, there no better way to get flushed with excitement.

A recent rash of “serial pooping” incidents in New York and around the country may have a simple explanation, one psychologist told The Post Tuesday — the thrill of breaking one of society’s biggest taboos.

“It’s clearly a violation of civil norms and police society,” said Frank Farley a professor at Temple University and former president of the American Psychological Association.

“But it’s got a deep risk-taking quality. You are truly pushing the envelope and getting to the edge of civil behavior.”

Intern DC and Carl have been covering Chicago’s “Mad Pooper” case this summer like they’re goddamn Bob Woodward covering Watergate.  Incredible Journalism.  Chicago is a safer place because of them.  You can read their blogs covering his reign of terror here and here, or if you don’t like reading (who does, it’s 2019) you can see the Mad Pooper in action in the video below:

Thankfully he has been caught.  His reign as Bridgeport’s Poo Vandal is finished and if there is any justice in this world he’ll never see the light of day again.  Here’s his grade A mug shot:

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.29.16 AM

But he’s not the only poop terrorist on the lam or that’s been caught recently.  According to the New York Post, there have been recent acts of poop terror in the following cities, states and countries:

Sydney, Australia

We’ve gone from Taliban to Al Qaeda to ISIS to Serial Poopers, all of whom are or were terrorist groups we couldn’t let run around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree or they’ll ruin your day.  But make no mistake about it – serial poopers are now America’s biggest adversaries, and Ken Hu was basically Osama Bin Laden with Carl being his #2 (no pun intended).  

If President Trump wants 4 more years in office he better eliminate these monsters from existence starting right now.

But Chicago’s “Mad Pooper” Ken Hu has prompted investigative journalists to ask scientists and psychologists alike, “Why? Why do people use poop as a biological weapon and as a means of warfare?”

Apparently they do it for the rush of smearing poop on people’s cars and throwing it at people.  Nothing more. Nothing less.  I wish I was as dedicated to anything as serial poopers are dedicated to the serial pooping game.