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Remember That Crazy Homeless Surfer/Skateboarder Bro Who Saved A Dude? Well He's Wanted For Murder Now


HADDONFIELD, N.J.May 16, 2013 (WPVI) — A man known on the internet as “Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker” is now being sought for the murder of a man in northern New Jersey, and police say he was last seen in the area of Haddonfield, Camden County. The suspect is identified as Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, a 34-year-old who is well known on Facebook and YouTube. McGillvary is homeless but considers himself “homefree” and relies on the generosity of strangers for food, lodging and transportation. Based on the investigation, authorities know that McGillvary has cut his hair in an attempt to alter his appearance.He was last seen at a light rail station in the Haddonfield, N.J. area, said Romankow. He is considered to be armed and dangerous.


Let this be a lesson for all the kids out there. The internet giveth and the internet taketh away. Smash….smash….SMASH!