I Need To Know Which Position Anal Plays For The Minnesota Wildd

The Minnesota Wild are quite horrific so far this season. They’ve won their last 2 games but up until that point they were 1-6 on the year. They’re sitting in last place in the Western Conference, they’re just a couple more ugly losses away from firing their coach, and it’s not like there’s any hope on the horizon because the majority of their players are 30+ years old.

So yeah. If you’re a Minnesota Wild fan, you could say that this team has been fucking you in the ass so far this season. But you still love the team because you’re a good fan. So if you love the team and the team is fucking you in the ass, well then by the transitive property that means that you love anal. It’s basic math, you idiots.

By the way, if Anal was 32 years old the Minnesota Wild would offer it a 6×6 contract.