Military 'Doomsday Plane' Built To Withstand Nuclear War Brought Down By a Single Bird

The Navy’s “Doomsday Plane” meant to survive a nuclear attack was taken down by just a single bird earlier this month.

The E-6B Mercury suffered millions of dollars of damage after a bird was sucked into one of the aircraft’s four engines while doing a “touch and go” manoeuvre, reports.

The plane was attempting to land and immediately take off again from Patuxent River Naval Air station in Maryland on Oct. 2.

Imagine spending your entire life designing the most indestructible plane? This baby can withstand a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION. An EMP could not take this plane down. It's made by the smartest people on Earth so that our government could still operate in case the world went into a nuclear war. It's essentially a backup Pentagon. The government spent $223 million on it. What did they not plan for? A flying bird. One fucking bird. 

Just like that we're back to square one. Millions of dollars of damage all because a bird got sucked into the engine. It's like how the Titanic was dubbed the unsinkable ship and the designers forgot icebergs existed. We brace for the worst and forget the simplest things. Life is truly something else. 

To be honest, I'm not sure how this doesn't happen more often. When we're in the air and feel turbulence we think that's the end. It's actually just normal. On average only 58 people a year are injured because of turbulence and that's probably because they didn't fasten their seat belt. What we actually should be scared of is a random bird going on with his day just getting in a nice fly. All of a sudden, here comes a plane going 500 mph and WHOOOOOSH there goes an engine. It's a miracle this doesn't happen all the time considering there are 400 BILLION birds in the world. 

The good news for the government is that with a nuclear war there probably wouldn't be anything alive in the skies. So as embarrassing a situation this may be for everyone from M.I.T. or Harvard or whoever built this plane and spent sleepless years making it perfect, this threat probably doesn't come about in a doomsday scenario. That is unless we have mutant birds from the nuclear fall out or we awaken some sort of prehistoric pterodactyl species that owns the skies. Aside from that, seems like we're in the clear. 

Secret government technology is so cool. If a plane that can survive a nuclear holocaust is public knowledge, imagine what they hide from us. You can't even guess because it's so secretive. I just want to know everything.