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Great Video Of The Nats Dominican Academy Kids Going Crazy Watching Soto's Massive 5th Inning Double

That’s so awesome. Just think, that was Soto not a few years ago. Just a kid chasing a baseball dream. And now he’s 20 years old hitting home runs off Gerrit Cole in the freaking World Series.


Onto the god damn train tracks no less.

And it’s headed straight for the HoF.

Juan Soto, the best outfielder in Nationals history, is just a grown ass man. Pretty remarkable what he’s been able to do in just such a short amount of time at the major league level, and now on the biggest stage of them all he’s not slowing down. Lock him up long term immediately, Nats. Immediately.


PS: I don’t know if this quote is true but if so, simply incredible.