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This Yankees Fan Is PISSED That The Yankees Just Lost In The ALCS

I was a season ticket holder for a few years but after two failed seasons I could not be more enraged.  I have zero interest in acquiring season tickets until I see that the Steinbrenner’s care about winning rather than selling $12 Bug Lights and mediocre starting pitching.  I am devastated to see the team I love with all my heart become so close these past three seasons.  If by some miracle Hal Steinbrenner decides he wants to man up and get starting pitching, please contact me right away.  



I’m enraged this morning for a few reasons.  One, Eddie just punked me in the office and I want to slit his throat.  You’ll see what happened soon enough if you haven’t already.  Two, I read this email from a Yankees’ fan to a season ticket rep and have let it simmer.  What the fuck planet am I living on?  The Yankees are the A1 of sports franchises.  I would sacrifice my first born bastard son to root for a team with the consistent success that they have.


Here are their year by year records since the turn of the century:

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 10.24.41 AM

Their WORST seasons were years where they won 84 games.  They’ve averaged about 95 wins for ~20 years running.  Can also sprinkle in a World Series in 2009 and a 3 peat from 1998-2000 prior to the turn of the century.  They haven’t been under .500 since ’92!!!

So I have a question: Katharine, are you fucking HIGH?  Not telling you how to spend your money but GET BENT you entitled asshole.  You don’t deserve the Yankees.  You deserve the Mets or worse yet, the White Sox.  You are the exact reason everyone hates Yankees fans.

Part of being a sports fan is sometimes being miserable.  If your idea of misery is going to the playoffs just about every year and winning divisions and World Series then fuck you.  FUCK YOU.  There are at least 25 other fanbases in baseball that would gladly pay $12 for a cheap domestic brewski if it meant the team they follow would be consistently hitting $200MM in payroll.  In fact I’m pretty sure a cheap domestic brewski at Sox Park is $12 and they trotted out payroll of about $90MM.

Goddamnit I hate Yankees fans.