Gotta Be Honest, Kinda Wish George Springer Would Have Ran Instead Of Watching His Fly Ball Hit The Wall

This. This right here was the difference last night. Now, maybe they pitch Altuve differently when Springer is on 3rd with 1 out but, with the type of hitter Jose is, you gotta think he can still lift one to the outfield to score Springer. Springer has wheels and it wouldnt take much. Just cant do a six-step trot watching a ball you think is a home run in that situation. The worst-case scenario is that you are FLYING around the bags when the ball clears the wall. 

The Astros got the split with the Yankees in the ALCS during the 1st two games at home. That's gotta be the goal tonight as well. We get the split at home and we're cookin. We dont... my dick might be getting waxed on the live stream.