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Kid Tries To Do A Back Flip In The Middle Of The Dance Floor But Gives Himself A Monster Concussion Instead

Well that sucks.  This guy’s one moment to shine and instead of rising to the challenge and back flipping in these people’s faces he gives himself a monster concussion.  I respect the effort though.  Did you see the little glance he gives to the camera right before he does it?  He knew.  He knew what was going on.  He wanted to make sure his moment of glory was on video.  Too bad his moment of glory quickly turned into a nightmare.  It takes a lot of balls to put yourself in the middle of the dance floor.  It creates an expectation.  You’re basically saying to the whole room, “I’m good enough to be out here because my best moves need to be seen by all.”  It’s that type of swagger that gets the ladies’ waterfalls gushing.  Or you’re just black out drunk and have supreme liquid confidence.  But once you’re out there, it’s put up or shut up time.  This guy probably should’ve kept quiet.