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The Raptors Have Their Rings And The Banner Has Been Unveiled, The 2019-20 NBA Season Has Officially Begun


I'll admit, seeing Kyle Lowry get his ring was a pretty cool moment. Everything he's gone through in Toronto, the playoff struggles, the disappointing seasons, that was cool. Same goes for Marc Gasol who you know had started to accept the fact that maybe an NBA title wasn't in his future. Granted he went on to have one hell of a run from February through FIBA but at the time of the trade nobody could have predicted this. I know the whole time watching that ring line all I kept thinking about was Paul Pierce crying in 2008. Nothing quite like a ring ceremony especially when the ring is absolute fire.

The one gripe I have with this whole ceremony though is the banner unveiling. I'll admit, I don't know the specifics of the arena or if it's even possible, but you HAVE to raise the banner yourself as a team. The slow rise of the banner to the rafters with "We Are The Champions" blaring is the move. Again I don't want to get on the Raptors too much if this wasn't physically possible but at the same time get some engineers on the line and find a way to make it happen. First banner ever, you gotta enjoy that shit as long as possible.

With this now out of the way the 2019-20 season has officially begun. Buckle the hell up.