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Miami Mayoral Candidate Puts Out Ad Saying She's Endorsed By Jesus Christ


Let me state the obvious.  Weird Haircut Seth is getting his ass kicked by Anna Pierre, RN’s campaign manager. What a brilliant fucking move this is. Lot of people are worked up that Pres is Jewish? That Boston is an Irish Catholic community? Gee, how could we solve that problem? Get Jesus Christ to endorse Pres, Duh! It’s so brilliant it’s almost stupid.


PS – since this is in Miami I bet that Jesús Christ actually endorsed Anna Pierre. It’s just that Jesús is a confused Cuban dude who speaks little English and randomly signed a piece of paper in front of el supermercado.

PPS – “Suk Sou Bonbon.” I have no idea what that is there for but it subliminally makes me think if I vote for Anna Pierre then I get a blowjob. Again, great marketing. Seth take notes bro.