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KFC Radio - A Million Views Later

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The Million Views celebration was an absolute banger. Great questions from the Stoolies who called the Barstool Hotline. We discuss time traveling to any event in history to blog. We discuss the story of a young man in college who gets paid $1,000 a year by his parents not to drink. Break down hypotheticals in the event that Portnoy kicks the bucket. Whats the protocol for giving girls facials, and much, much more.

The moral of the story basically is, after 1,000,000 views, this show is still as fucking weird as ever.

Next week up, we’re rotating in your boy Smitty. Get some Philly flavor up in KFC radio and here from that fat faced idiot for the first time. Call the hotline all this week - 646-807-8665 or tweet at me (KFCbarstool, KFCradio), Smitty (SmittyBarstool) or super producer Puerto Rican Puff Daddy .