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LaTroy Hawkins Took Down An Unruly Passenger On A Flight To Chile

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NY PostLaTroy Hawkins’ most eventful road trip of the year happened after the Mets season ended. The righty reliever helped subdue an unruly passenger on a flight Sunday night that had to be diverted to Lima, Peru. Hawkins posted a picture of himself and another passenger who aided him in getting the situation under control. “These [two] studs had to subdue a guy on our flight from DFW to Santiago, Chile,” Hawkins wrote, along with the picture of himself and the other helpful passenger. “Escorted him off the plane after we made [an] emergency landing in Peru to drop him off. Long [night] with a crazy passenger.” The American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth was headed to Santiago, Chile, before the incident. A spokesman for the airline confirmed the flight had been diverted and that at least two passengers, whom the airline declined to identify, aided flight attendants in restraining the passenger. Hawkins, who was flying to Chile to go dove hunting, is set to become a free agent and has expressed interest in staying with the Mets.

I’ll be honest, I’m shocked. Absolutely shocked this plane didn’t burst into flames and crash in a fiery tragedy. Thats usually what happens when you rely upon Latroy Hawkins. On a Scale of 0 to Wesley Snipes as Passenger 57 for who I want maintaining peace and order on my flight, Latroy Hawkins is like a 3. The only guys I’d want out there protecting my flight less than Latroy Hawkins would be Aaron Heilman or Braden Looper. Like if I was on that plane I would have asked Latroy Hawkins to kindly sit back down and let two other passengers subdue him. This is a pressure packed situation with a lot on the line, you are not the man I want controlling the fate of 200 people on a plane.