If Your Selfies Aren't Taken At Speeds Which Could "Drain The Blood From Your Brain" Then Stop Because These Guys Win The Selfie Game

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pictures from Daily Mail 

FINALLY some selfies that don’t completely and utterly suck.  Listen, as much you think people want to look at a picture of you doing a duck face in the mirror or want to see you holding up a handgun in our face or look at your big booty in the mirror, we don’t (except maybe the booty one but only if you’re a 6 or better).  These selfies are the ones we want to see.  The ones where trick pilots are traveling at speeds that would literally melt your face off if you were up there with them.  These are pictures from the Red Arrow flight team in Britain.  Just traveling at 8Gs and taking causal pictures of themselves and it’s fucking dope.  You know why?  Because I don’t have access to sites like this in my normal life.  I’m a blogger who sits around and tries to not get diabetes.  That’s what selfies should be about, pictures taken where normal people can’t go.  I’d say an aerobatic team doing stunts more than qualifies.  But you taking a selfie in the mirror trying to look sexy with a crying baby in the back ground?  Not so much.