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African Witches Are Not Allowed To Fly Their Brooms Higher Than 150 Meters


(OV)In Swaziland, witches are forbidden to fly their broomsticks higher than 150 meters, and if they do, they are subject to arrest and a fine of R500 000 ($55,000 USD). Though it seems like a joke, witchcraft in the African country is taken seriously. Civil Aviation Authority marketing and corporate affairs director Sabelo Dlamini forbid witches from flying high in the skies. He announced it in response to a question from the press about the arrest of Hunter Shongwe, who operated a remote-controlled drone with a video camera. He was using the drone to conduct a private investigation. Witch doctors in the country pay an annual tax of $1.15, but last year, members of Swazi parliament argued that it should be raised to help the country’s debt.


American politics get a lot of shit. For instance, when there were congressional hearings over steroids in baseball or the NFL lockout or when Arlen Specter called for an investigation into Spygate. Politicians sticking their nose in places it really doesn’t belong. Wasting tax payers money to debate silly topics. Well, at least we’re not Africa right? At least the FAA’s marketing and corporate affairs director isn’t making public statements forbidding Glenda from flying her broomstick too high or he’ll throw a house on her. I mean Jesus Christ, Africa. Figure it out. Witches aren’t real. Brooms can’t fly. Don’t fuck monkeys without condoms or you get AIDs. This is all shit you learn in kindergarten.

PS – $1.15 annual tax to be in the witch doctor business is a pretty great deal.