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You Really Can't Find A Better Face For Major League Baseball

"A Dream Of Mine Came True Today" 

Now whether or not that's true, I don't really care to find out, investigate, argue or anything like that. I'm taking Javy at his word because I need a win right now. We all do. I'm hanging on by a thread propped up by Illini upset this weekend and even then that's a fucking drop in the bucket when you think about Chicago rn. The Bears are on fire. The Bulls are looking at 23 wins. The Cubs have completely fallen apart and the Blackhawks probably aren't giving you the best summer of your life any time soon. In other words I regret to inform you things are actually pretty fucking shabby. 

Well that was before I was made aware that Javy Baez is now the Global face of MLB video game action ACROSS THE WORLD. And even cooler is that he's not swinging a bat on the cover. Oh no ladies and gentlemen he's loading up for 98 deep in the hole at short, chain perfectly suspended in air behind the torque of his upper torso twisting into a plus plus firing position. And why is that the case? 

Because even when the baseball world is obsessed with homeruns and strikeouts and controversy of shitbag umpires and all that stuff, NOTHING and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING beats the pageantry, beauty and spectacle of a web gem. And in that regard, no one does web gems like Javy Baez IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS HIT THE HIGHLIGHTS

I love this dude. Hopefully the cover shoot comes with a pay day because the last 4 seasons of 17.1 WAR has earned him slightly less than $7,000,000 in career earnings. Not exactly equitable and god knows the balance will be shifting soon. This is usually the part where this seamlessly becomes a The Cubs Payroll Sucks blog and I promised myself I wouldn't do that when I started this blog. 

So let me just say this. 

If it weren't for Javy Baez we'd all be a lot worse off. 

Sound familiar?



Different eras. Same electricity.