Tarik Cohen And the Bears Are Mad At The Barstool Sports Twitter Account For Making Fun of the Saints For Making Fun Of Tarik Cohen For Being Short

Yikes. Talk about not being able to read a room huh? Hey here is an idea Tarik. Maybe instead of getting mad at us you should get mad at the Saints who kicked your asses all over the field. Get mad at the guy who mocked you on national television. Get mad at the fact you guys are currently the biggest disappointment in the league. Like of all the Bears problems and there are lots of them right now this may be the biggest red flag. Getting all worked up on a nothing tweet after legit getting their dicks stomped on. Just seems like they should have bigger fish to fry than this. I mean they almost killed poor Eddie yesterday. This is as sad as I’ve ever seen him. Worry about Eddie. Don’t worry about us reposting clips the entire internet is talking about.

PS – Somebody tell Allen Robinson that calling somebody mad corny is mad corny.