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Die Hard Eagles Fan Cries After Losing To Dallas. Is It Time To Feel Bad For Eagles Fans?

People who know me know I’m not a guy to ever say I told you so or kick a man when he is down. So I won’t say that I predicted that once Philadelphia fans ran Nick Foles out of town after winning a superbowl they would be cursed forever. (But I did say that and I did say that they were insane to chose Carson Wentz over a proven Superbowl MVP in Nick Foles) Regardless I take no pleasure in watching what has become of this once proud franchise. I take no pleasure watching them get their ass kicked week in and week out. I take no pleasure watching their fans like Big Monty reduced to literal tears. Nope I won’t gloat or even call them scumbags even though they are. I feel your pain Philadelphia. And look on the Brightside. You still have your 1 superbowl to hold onto for the next 100 years.