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This Amazing NBA Offseason/The Office Mashup Is Another Reason Why The Internet Remains Undefeated

Bravo! 10/10! Well done Ross Litscher the man responsible for this masterpiece, whoever you are. I am someone who loves a good mashup, especially when it fits perfectly, and I don't think I'm going out on a limb here saying Ross nailed it and then some. The Office being one of the most iconic and relatable TV shows maybe ever, it's only right that someone out there on the internet combined it with one of the craziest NBA offseasons in recent memory. I don't think there was a miss in that entire 3:50 seconds, it's crazy how well things lined up and what a perfect video to get us all ready for the upcoming season. Do yourself a favor and hit play, you will not be disappointed.

Here were some of my favorites:

- Right off the bat we're off and running with the Zion/Ryan comparison which couldn't be more spot on. Although I would maybe include the entire internet as Michael Scott not just ESPN/Bleacher Report. We're all looking at Zion like the content machine he is.

- What a perfect Jimmy Butler scene/quote. Wade leaves, Jimmy comes in and boom the fun is over and he immediately starts talking about working hard. Considering we already have the stories of him showing up at 3am to get work in, this couldn't have been more spot on.

- Nothing summed up that Ben Simmons three pointer and the ensuring reaction better than the pick up basketball scene. 

- Remember when Tyreke Evans got kicked out of the NBA for two years at the beginning of the summer? Something tells me he didn't accidentally get high at an Alicia Keys concert 

- I didn't want to, but I laughed at the Ainge/Kyrie part. As we know money wasn't enough to get Kyrie to stay considering nobody could offer more than the Celtics, but everyone knows Ainge desperately wanted to keep Kyrie despite everything that went on last year. He's a slut for talent. Had this been Horford instead it would have been more spot on since he essentially left for money.

All in all a fantastic idea and even better execution. Once again, the internet shows why it will always remain undefeated.