Aaron Paul Once Got Hammered Off Tequila Shots With Michael Jackson, Has a Much Better Life Than Anyone


So let’s see, before he was Jesse Pinkman and banging his 10 of a wife, Aaron was partying with Michael Jackson and royalty in castles. That was before Breaking Bad. Before he was on the best show of all time, he already was living the dream. It’s unreal the life this guy lives, and that’s just one random story. Like, ho hum, me and my buddies partied in a castle for a month. I’ve never heard a guy be more casual when talking about something like that, which only leads me to believe that’s an average Thursday for him. And I’m wondering if he made the right choice marrying the hottest girl on the planet and I’m pretty sure that was the wrong choice. Jesse Pinkman ass has to be better than boy band ass, hockey player ass, and blogger ass all rolled together.