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Patrick Sharp, Teammates, Comment On Locker Room Rumors





Hopefully this is the end of this story line because it’s been pretty ridiculous from the start. There have been rumors swirling about locker room unrest since about this time last year and I think the noise and nonsense finally got to a point where they had to address it. Just because a guy is hot and has great hair, it doesn’t mean he’s banging everyone’s wife. It wasn’t just “people with a computer”(umm, ouch Sharp), but also main stream types. Like I have said all along, we don’t know what is going on in that locker room or in their personal lives. Nobody really does. The rumors and noise got to the point where it became slanderous. These are the types of rumors that can get a guy blacklisted. The team looking disjointed on the ice probably exacerbated the rumors, which took their toll(according to Sharp) and compounded the poor play. Now, hopefully, with this rumor in reaview the team can reenergize and refocus for the stretch run.



–Sounds like both Timonen and Vermette will play against Carolina.

–Turbo is staying up with the team for at least the time being. Tough to say where he fits in with this team when Vermette is added though.