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This Clip Is Everything You Need To Know About Lamar Jackson

That’s a warrior right there. That’s the kind of fiery competitor that guys like to get behind and fight for. He doesn’t want to sit on his heels and just take 3 points. He was dog tired of settling for 3 points the past couple of weeks in the red zone and was going to make damn sure that he was going to get the Ravens 6 one way or another. So he took matters into his own hands. Told Coach Harbs what they were gonna do, and Harbs was smart enough to let his players decide the outcome. I’ve been told as soon as Lamar spoke up the whole sideline was yelling for the timeout to be called. Everyone was on the same page. That’s just a group of ride or die guys who believe in their QB.

What’s remarkable is that this was just one of a half a dozen instances on that drive alone that said everything that needs to be said about Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Let’s do a little anatomy of a drive.

The defense had struggled for most of the 1st half to get off the field, but stepped up in a big way on 3rd and 2 at their own 32.

Pete Carroll predictably made the old geezer decision of attempting a 53-yarder instead of going for a 4th and 4 and next thing you know it was Lamar’s game to take over. It’s wild to think a Week 7 3rd quarter drive in Seattle could become a career-defining one, but at this point that’s exactly what this was. It was a perfect display of what the Ravens offense is with Lamar under center.

lamar drive

There’s so many things to love about this drive, and the first one was the throw to extend the drive on 3rd and 5. So many people are of the opinion that Lamar simply drops back, takes one look downfield, and then takes off. That’s not true. There are certainly plays where he sees that the coverage opens up areas for him to run and he rightfully takes advantage, but this play is proof positive that that’s not the case. He progresses through his reads, flushes out right and continues looking downfield and throws a perfectly placed DART to Hayden Hurst to move the sticks. Not bad for a running back.

The offense then proceeded to shove it down the Seahawks’ throats, with Gus getting a couple of totes and then Mark Ingram picking up 8 on the play below. This right here is a run-blocking CLINIC. It’s a master class in both play design and execution, and Mark Ingram knows exactly what to do with it. KJ Wright is going to have nightmares about Marshal Yanda coming downhill for weeks…


On the next play Ingram fought and clawed for another first down, setting up 1st and 10 at the Seahawks’ 16. This is the set of downs we’ll remember from this game.

On 1st down, Lamar dropped an absolute dime into the bread basket of Mark Andrews and he drops a sure touchdown. Classic Ravens. Then we had the delay of game where Lamar was begging for the ball and Matt Skura didn’t get the snap off. Obviously on the heels of a dropped TD pass, the last thing Lamar wants is to take a needless delay of game penalty, and he freaks the fuck out. But it’s the subtle way in which he conveys his frustration that show what kind of leader Lamar is. He screams and slams the football, but in that moment of pure rage he immediately gives Skura an encouraging smack on the helmet and says let’s do better. It seems like such a small thing on the surface, but it’s as genuine of a reaction as you’re going to see from a guy in the heat of battle. It’s a true indication that he and his guys are in this together, and anyone who’s put on the pads and strapped on a helmet understands the value in that.

Post-game Matt Skura was one of the first to hit the Twitter streets to revel in the victory, flashing a picture of him and Lamar in the end zone, and Lamar returns the favor. These guys are pulling the rope in the same direction. Love to see that from your guys.


Anyways, that gave us 2nd and 15. Lamar goes right back to Mark Andrews, and Andrews proceeds to drop what would’ve been about an 8 yard completion. Brutal day for Mark (mini-rant, saw way too many people hammering him on Twitter, give the man a break. He’s going to be a big part of this team for a long time and I’ve taken down names for when he bounces back). At this point, Lamar just says I’m gonna do this my damn self, and nearly converts a 3rd and 15 by sheer determination. His acceleration out of the backfield on this play is just insane, and his fight for the extra couple of yards is the difference between taking the 3 points and even considering the option to go for it.

We all know what happened from there. Lamar demands the ball and Lamar scores the ball. Lamar slams the ball. Lamar celebrates with his teammates.

How can you not love this guy to death?? His teammates love him and he’s a goddamn thrill to watch. He does all the right things, says all the right things, and he’s as genuine as they come. It’s so so so so easy to forget that the guy is ONLY 22 YEARS OLD. There’s only 4 guys on the roster that are younger than he is and he’s gotten that entire locker room to buy into his leadership. Keep winning like this and the whole country will be buying in too. It’s a great day to be a Baltimore football fan. Super Bowl? Hell yeah, let’s go for it.