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The Chicago Bears Died So The Fighting Illini Could Live


Alright no surprise here but the Bears got their fucking dicks smashed in yesterday. Embarrassing doesn't even begin to describe just how much the Bears sucked. Nagy, Mitch, offensive line, special teams, you fucking name it - those guys sucked. 

Like all Bears Mondays we'll be all over the game starting with our podcast publishing very soon. But unlike most Bears Mondays, this one sucks sooooo fucking bad because it's supposed to be a reflection of how bad ass and totally sweet we are - not us feeling like a bunch of pussies who got body bagged on their own turf by a backup quarterback. 

There's a silver lining though and that's the rise of the Fighting Illini. Never in a thousand years would I call it a fair trade for the Bears to be sacrificed as such. But if you told me that on the same weekend in 2019, Lovie Smith and Matt Nagy would each respectively log a signature Win and a signature Loss, you know exactly how that would go. 

And you'd be wrong.

Turns out Lovie Smith is the one trending up. Who could have ever thought which reminds me. 

I'll never pass on a chance to play the Illini Classics. Where Lovie takes the program from here will tell me where this Wisconsin upset goes. For now it can play with the Big Boys: 

Ohio State 2007 (Highlights)

Ohio State 2007 (FULL GAME)


Arizona 2005 (Highlights)

Arizona 2005 (FULL GAME)

Wisconsin 1982

Wisconsin 2019