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Nothing Like A Giant Brawl Between The Flames And The Kings

The LA Kings and Calgary Flames rivalry is developing into one of the best rivalries in sports. These two teams HATE each other. This isn’t the twitter fingers type hate you see in the NBA, this is real, pure hatred and it was on full display in LA last night.

The core of the rivalry is based around Matthew Tkachuk and Drew Doughty. These guys are like WWE characters at this point and it’s awesome. I don’t think there is a single hockey fan on the planet who isn’t enjoying the hate these two guys display for each other every time they play. And that is where it all started last night.

Drew Doughty laid the body on Matthew Tkachuk, which led to Tkachuk bringing Doughty to the ground, where all hell broke loose. How about Norris Trophy Winner Mark Giordano coming from the top rope? Absolute bananalands, if that didn’t jack you up then you have no pulse. Buddy is 36-years-old and is coming off a Norris and is just superman diving to defend the boys. What a legend.

Nothing in the world would be better for hockey than an LA Kings vs Calgary Flames playoff matchup. Obviously that isn’t likely to happen with the way LA has looked this season, but one can hope. You have to be such a clown to have a problem with what was on display last night in LA. Matthew Tkachuk and Drew Doughty’s rivalry is good for the league. Tkachuk finger gunning him? UNREAL. We need this every night.