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Here Is Jose Altuve's Walk Off Set To "Game Over" By Lil Flip

It works on so many levels. And for the remainder of this blog, I am going to describe the levels in which it works. First and foremost, it works because this home run ended the game. The Game was Over as some might say. Another way in which it works is because Lil Flip is a rapper from Houston, much like the Astros who also play sports in Houston (Texas). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the first words rapped on this song after the chorus are, “Aww shit. Y’all done fucked up,” which I assume is exactly what was going on in Altuve’s head when he saw that slop coming out of Chapman’s hand. One could argue it works again because Altuve’s diminutive stature could be described much like Flip’s as “Lil.”

The only thing keeping this from being a 10/10 perfect video is the lacking of a bat flip from Altuve, even a small one would have sufficed. Him placing the bat down as if this was a May 18th game in the bottom of the fourth inning is the type of respect for the game and general class that personally makes me sick to my stomach.