Gas Money Bob's Week 7 Bears Preview

Week 6 Recap:

We had the bye in week 6 and week 5 was so long ago I don’t think anyone remembers anything so we’ll just move on to week 7.

All-Time Head to Head:

This will be the 31st meeting between these two franchises (including twice in the postseason) and as we sit it is 15-15. The Bears have outscored the Saints 615 to 579 in those games and we are 2-0 against the Saints in the playoffs so that give us a huge advantage in the all-time battle.

I’m confident that the Bears will get the 16th win of the series today. We’ve had two weeks to prepare. Coach Nagy self scouted, noticed some issues and corrected them. I expect a big game from Da Bears this afternoon. Mitch is back and there was a very special birthday this week that must be celebrated with a W. Happy birthday Coach!


Bear Weather Report:

56 Degrees

Precipitation 5%

Humidity 72%

Wind ENE 6 mph

Another dreadful weather day in Chicago. Everyone needs to get on board with the efforts of Chief and Intern Danny to help save Bear Weather from Global Warming. We can win without Bear Weather, but we can’t lose with it.

I yearn for a polar vortex like A-Rodg yearns for love from his family (I’m never going to stop)

You Bet Your Ass:

Bears -4

Over/Under 37

It’s a shame that Brees and Kamara are both out because the Bears were covering this spread with or without them. This team is hungry. I don’t think it will be a pretty offensive game but the Bear D is going to feast. Sell your plasma, sell your sperm, sell your dignity and put it all on the Bears -4 and the under 37.*^

Fantasy Start ‘em Sit ‘em:


Bears D/ST Teddy B will be running for his life today. At least 5 sacks, 2-3 turnovers, and a TD for the Bears D.

Eddy Pineiro I’m thinking 3 field goals and 2 extra points for Eddy today get him in your lineups.

Taylor Gabriel Turbo is back! After missing a few weeks with a concussion TG will be back on the field today and with all of the coverage paying attention to A-Rob everything should be wide open for Mitch to feed Taylor the ball.


Latavius Murray A fresh Bears D at home in a game the they need to win. With or without Akiem there is no way a backup running back is going to put up any fantasy worthy numbers against them today. Not a chance.

Teddy Bridgewater Khalil Mack is starving for QB blood. I almost feel bad for how many times Teddy gets hit today. Poor guy.

Michael Thomas This guy is a great player but he’s playing the Bears today in Soldiers Field and they have no one else. Fuller and the rest of the DBs will shut him down.


The New Orleans Saints

Offense: No Brees, no Kamara, no chance. They’re a very good offense when they are healthy and they are playing at the stadium the 1985 Bears won their Super Bowl at, but outdoors (even in this heat), against a great D, and in front of the best fans in the NFL, sorry.

Defense: These guys are actually pretty good and that is why I am calling for the under 37 in the game and for A-Rob to be taken out of it. That being said Turbo is going to get one today and Eddy and the Bears D will do the rest.

Da Chicago Bears

Offense: Mitch is back, Turbo is back, adjustments have been made on the O-Line. I don’t expect an explosive game but they should control the clock and move the ball.

Defense: I’m really excited to watch these guys today. They have something to prove and unfortunately for Teddy B they are going to prove it all over him today.

Game Prediction:

Bears 23

Saints 10

Coming Up Next Week: Philip Rivers is taking the whole clan across country to get an ass whoopin’

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