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And The Pussification Of America Continues: Third Grade Teacher Fined 10k For Making Bully Stand In Front Of The Class And Get Hit By The Kid He Bullied

Source – A third-grade teacher in Brooklyn was hit with a $10,000 fine after making an 8-year-old class bully stand in front of the class while one of his victims ‘hit him back for all the abuse,’ causing the bully to cry in front of his classmates. ‘Well, that’s what you get,’ Francis told the 8-year-old ruffian after he was repeatedly punched by one of the kids he had just tormented, according to Department of Education documents. Department of Education officials sought to fire PS 191 teacher Tamu Francis last year following the incident. But because of her 13 years of teaching with a clean record, Francis was hit with the $10,000 fine rather than canned last fall, the New York Post reported. The bully was reportedly on top of his victim throwing punches when the teacher pulled him off.  After she got the two kids off the floor, she encouraged the victim to hit the bully back before making her ‘serves you right’ comment, students at the Brownsville school said. Francis was also heard telling her student, ‘When you act like a dog, you get treated like a dog’ said Lisa Brogan, the arbitrator who presided over her termination hearing.


First of all.  That outfit?  Sass city.  Anyway this is why I could never be a teacher. Because kids suck nowadays and you’re not allowed to do anything to stop it or teach them a lesson. I mean this sassily dressed teacher should be getting commended for the way she handled this not getting fined 10K. But nope. You can’t yell at kids, you can’t criticize kids, you can’t make an example out of a bully anymore. It’s all PC bullshit.  We’d rather this bully sit in detention for a couple days until he beats the shit out of the next kid.  The only thing bullies understand is getting their ass kicked and seeing how it feels.  It’s bully 101.