Saquon Barkley And Evan Engram Return To The Danny Dimes Show Against The Cardinals Today





Anyone that has read my Giants blogs the last few weeks knows this is the game I've circled for when we start getting irrationally excited about our quarterback and our future again. The last two weeks sucked just like I thought they would against two of the best 5 defenses in football. Things could have gone better but they also could have gone a hell of a lot worse.

However this week the Giants get a Cardinals defense that has been sloppier than the Barstool office after a Yankees watch party. I would have felt pretty good about the Giants offense today even if they were playing with the skeleton crew they brought to New England last Thursday. However, Evan Engram will be back in the lineup against a D that has gotten shredded by tight ends this season and Saquon Barkley will be back after only playing one half during the Daniel Jones Era before he got hurt. Think about all the excitement we get watching Daniel Jones, add in the excitement we get watching Saquon, and then add in that most of that Saquon excitement came from watching him on an offense that was not NEARLY as wide open as it's been under Jones. The thought of Saquon running and receiving in an offense that creates as much space as we've seen with DJ is...uh...UH OH

BRB, gotta go clean up


Okay, much better. I forgot Patrick Peterson was returning from suspension today until I saw him warming up pregame, which could put a dent in my guarantee that Daniel Jones will have 25+ fantasy points today and Darius Slayton is going to break double digits. But fuck it. The Guarantee sticks or your money back.

On the other side of the ball, I am excited and a little bit terrified to see Kyler Murray for an entire game. Whenever a Cardinals highlight appears on RedZone, I don't know what the hell that little fucker is going to unleash. But it's usually awesome. However, it's not like the Cardinals are racking up points with all those highlights since they are 9th in yards per game but 17th in points per game. Maybe if they brought in Tom Coughlin to rename the Red Zone to the Green Zone, that would fix everything like it did for the Giants (kinda) once upon a time. I thought the Giants were maybe going to catch a break with David Johnson being questionable all week. But he'll suit up along with Chase Edmonds, who can both break off chunk yardage to make Zane Gonzalez' inevitable field goal easier to make. Christian Kirk being out helps I guess. But Larry Fitz is immortal and impossible to hate, even when he's playing your team. I would be remiss to shit on the Cardinals defense without mentioning that the Giants D has been various levels of trahs throughout the season. But it's Blitzin' Jimmy Bettcher Revenge Game as well as the Markus Golden's Revenge Game and any football fan with a brain knows revenge trumps any and all lines of rational thinking.

Win today and we get to start staring at the NFC East standings while convincing ourselves of a playoff run, especially since the Eagles or Cowboys will take an L tonight. Lose today and we are going to probably be thinking about who should be traded. But no matter what happens, we have Danny, Saquon, Evan, and (hopefully soon) Sterling in a fun as fuck offense.

Shit, it happened again.

Lets go Giants.