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The Ex-Fattest Man In The World Is Looking Fantastic


(Sun)Paul — once the world’s fattest man at 70st — shed an incredible 46st in three years but as a result has so much loose flesh it completely covers his wedding tackle. Paul, who had the gastric bypass on the NHS in 2010, once gorged on 20,000 calories a day — ten times the healthy level. He would eat four portions of fish and chips, two kebabs and a roast — just for lunch. Ex-postie Paul, 52, lost two-thirds of his weight when a gastric bypass op reduced his stomach to the size of an egg. `He has now posed naked in the hope these shocking photos will persuade NHS chiefs to sanction a £60,000 operation to remove the unsightly excess skin. He says about eight stone would go if surgeons removed the droopy skin which restricts his mobility and causes sores. Doctors have told Paul he needs to have a “stable weight” for two years before surgery can go ahead.


Put some clothes on Van Pelt. Nobody wants to see this shit. We get it. You’re fat and gross, but enough with this sympathy card. I mean it’s not our fault you were eating 20,000 calories a day for the past 20 years. You already had one surgery and now you got to prove you can stay at the same weight for 2 years before having the 2nd surgery. That seems fair to me. Rules are rules.

PS – If you don’t think I’m call my dick and balls wedding tackle from now on you’re legally insane.