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How Do You Make Golf More Difficult Than It Already Is? Deer On Deer Action

Golf is impossible, it really truly is. We talk on Fore Play all the time about how it’s one of the hardest sports in the world. Hell, it’s one of the hardest things to do in the world period. All of us weekend hackers go out there a few times a year and try our best but our best is usually a train wreck combined with a car wreck combined with a plane crash. There’s so many elements that make golf difficult from your swing to the equipment to the weather, but the one thing you can count on 99.999999999% of the time is there won’t be a deer blowing another deer* while you’re trying to play. Unfortunately for that guy in video, today was the day there in fact was some deer on deer action out there. You gotta think it made it difficult to focus, just a stunning thing to witness.

*The No Fun Police will tell you that’s a baby deer drinking milk from its mother but it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy funnier to think about a deer blowing anther deer in broad daylight. Or maybe that’s just me.