We Have Sold A Million Bottles Of Pink Whitney, Is That Good?

A couple weeks ago when Whit, Biz and Rear Admiral were at Barstool HQ we had a big meeting with New Amsterdam about Pink Whitney. We talked number of cases already sold, what we are aiming for in the future, and obviously Canada (it’s coming). Pretty cool stuff to be honest, I am always shocked to even be involved in these meetings let alone hearing about how much vodka we are selling. But, when you see the words “One million bottles sold” it kind of hits home. This is something we started working on over a year ago and now we have hit the ground running, some would even say sprinting.

None of this happens without the amazing support from Dave and Erika and the rest of Barstool Sports. All the talent pumping Pink Whitney helps bring our vodka to markets outside of the hockey world, which is huge for us.


But NONE of this happens without chiclets nation, the best fans in the world. From the videos, pictures and even the stories about people driving 20+ hours to get a vodka WE created is something that will never go unnoticed and unappreciated. People are even going to extreme lengths to smuggle the bottles over international borders. What a world. What a fan base.

So, the point of this blog was essentially to say thank you, from Spittin’ Chiclets to everyone out there who has bought and enjoyed a bottle of Pink Whitney. One million bottles are just the start.

Just wait until we hit Canada…

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