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Bigger Mother’s Day Bitch Showdown: Sergio Garcia Whining About Tiger Woods Creating Crowd Noise Vs. Joba Chamberlain Telling Mariano Rivera That Nobody Shush's Him



Sergio “Bitch” Garcia

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla.“I’m not going to lie,” Garcia said after completing the third round in a three-way tie for the lead with Woods and David Lingmerth. “He’s not my favorite guy to play with. He’s not the nicest guy on tour.” Garcia became annoyed early in the third round when he hit his second shot well to the right of the par-5 second hole. While standing over the ball, he heard commotion behind him as Woods was surveying his second shot from an area to the left of the fairway where he had to clear a path of spectators. Woods pulled a 5-wood from his bag at around the time Garcia was over his shot 50 yards away, and that simple act drew cheers from the spectators. Television replays show Garcia was not in his backswing but standing over the ball when the fans cheered, but he clearly felt that affected his shot.

Joba “Bitch” Chamberlain

KANSAS CITY, Mo. New York Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain scolded teammate Mariano Rivera before Saturday night’s game, telling the star closer never to “shush” him. New York media reports said the brief rebuke occurred before the Yankees beat Kansas City 3-2.Rivera was talking to reporters in the dugout about his “emotional” meeting with local fans earlier in the day, while Chamberlain was standing just outside the bench chatting with his family.At one point, Rivera told Chamberlain to lower his voice. Once Rivera’s interview was done, Chamberlain told Rivera in front of reporters: “Don’t ever shush me.”

How about these two little bitches? Joba Chamberlain and Sergio Garcia. I honestly can’t decide what the bigger bitch move was here? Joba who is arguably top 10 biggest busts in the history of baseball telling the greatest closer of all time that nobody shush’s him or Sergio Garcia blaming a bad shot on Tiger Woods creating crowd noise. Both of them are laughable, but I think I got to give the nod to Sergio Garcia here. Joba is just a cocksucker. He’s the fat asshole who picks fights in bars because he’s a scumbag townie. Just white trash city. But Sergio? Grow up dude. I mean nobody hates Tiger Woods more than me, but he didn’t even do anything here. It’s just a typical soft ass golfer getting sand in his vagina for no reason. Seriously I’ve never understood this about golf. The crowd should be able to make as much noise as they want. Scream, yell, whatever. You’re a professional athlete. If you can’t focus and block out a little fucking crowd noise than you shouldn’t be on the course.


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