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Brooklyn Artist Recites Poetry In A Kiddie Pool Filled With Milk

Alright lets just get the obvious out of the way – yes, I’m turned on. Quit asking for someone to touch you babe! I’ll finger you right fucking now! Get out of your milk pool and come on over. At the very least make a NSFW version of this poem where you’re naked. Because thats the only thing that makes me not want to absolutely kill you in cold blood.

Seriously we’re getting to the point where all of Brooklyn needs to be eradicated. My own brother lives in Brooklyn and I think I’d be willing to sacrifice him if that meant we could just wipe out the whole borough and get rid of these lunatic attention whore hipsters. Sorry bro. You and all the good rappers from the black sections of Brooklyn are just gonna be collateral damage to get rid of assholes like this bitch and her friends. I honestly can’t tell who’s worse – the chick giving herself a milk bath calling it art, or the complete dickheads sitting there watching. Napalm the whole borough and lets be done with them all.