The Co-Founder Of BBB Says Lonzo Ball Has A Secret Injury And Put Out A Video Trying To Expose Him, The Lakers And BBB

So here's the story. Alan Foster, who is the co-founder of Big Baller Brand and has been in a lawsuit against Lonzo Ball is the one putting this out. That's what we have to say first so you know where this is coming from. Lonzo claimed Foster stole $2 million from him in the lawsuit. 

So now, Foster is claiming Lonzo suffered torn ligaments in his ankle and it's some secret injury. Obviously Lonzo is denying it and the Pelicans are denying it. Lonzo has played 90 minutes in 4 games of the Pelicans preseason, which makes this claim even a bit more bizarre. 

But here's the other weird thing. Foster started a YouTube channel trying to expose this

I can't stop laughing at the guy breaking down the weather of Bogota, Colombia. I mean first off, this dude is BORING. Learn how to talk one time for me, Alan. Learn how to get me excited with an exposing video. 

I want Lonzo to be successful, mostly because the dude is super fun to watch and he's finally getting away from the bullshit. He broke away from his dad. He's out of LA finally. Even though there's some crazy lawsuits involving him and now this, he seems to be getting his mind right. 

Now, do I believe Alan Foster? Absolutely not. I don't think there are torn ligaments in his ankle. If there were, there'd be more rumors about it. It would come from someone more reliable. The Pelicans would do their due diligence during the trade process and see, you know, major ankle problems. 

I do have to admit I can't get enough of this reality show though. There's just something crazy new every week it seems like.