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Anyone Who Thinks the Patriots Needed Patrick Mahomes' Injury Deserves to Be Shunned by Society

This was a tough break. Not just for Kansas City, but for the football-consuming public. Patrick Mahomes is a unique talent, a wildly entertaining performer and, as marketing department drones like to say, he’s … good for the game. But that’s football. Sometimes your 24-year-old quarterback goes down with freak injury on a QB sneak, sometimes your 42-year-old quarterback has three rushing touchdowns and hasn’t miss a down due to injury in over 11 years. Life is funny like that.

The latest, “best case” scenario is him coming back in as early as three weeks:


… which sounds incredibly optimistic to me, but what do I know? I’m a week and half away from having a torn ACL replaced and the doctor told me I can’t even drive for a month afterwards. But maybe a separated knee cap isn’t as gross as it sounds and you can be outrunning 11 feral maniacs hellbent on destroying you in no time.

But looking at Kansas City’s schedule, four weeks from now they play the 2-4 Chargers, followed by their Bye Week. I seems more likely to me that they’ll take their time with their one indispensable player and wait until at least the beginning of December, no matter how good he feels.

I hope so. Because that would mean Mahomes is back in time to face the Patriots. Which brings me to my point. No Patriots fan is celebrating Mahomes being out. Good as he is, no one fears him. And for sure, the only people who act like his kneecap-itation is some huge lucky break the Pats needed is a fraud, a troll, a media hack, or all three:


Of course it would be easier to beat the Chiefs with Matt Moore under center while Tom Brady shreds their defense and Andy Reid mismanages the clock in the playoffs. But acting like the Patriots needed this is simply being ignorant of history. Since losing to the Pats at Foxboro last year, Kansas City is just 13-7. According to @FootballFacts, since the start of last year, the Chiefs are just 6-7 vs. quality opponents. In the same stretch, the Pats are 9-2. Including a win at Kansas City in the AFC title game in the middle of three wins against the hardest postseason schedule they’ve ever faced.

So bring on a healthy Patrick Mahomes. Godspeed to him for an immediate and full recovery. I want to see the Patriots face him, more than any other player in the NFL. I’ve had it up to my dreamy, baby blue, vision-corrected eyeballs with hearing how the Patriots 6-0 doesn’t mean anything because they “haven’t played anybody.” I want the league MVP and America’s newest quarterback darling to see what he can do against a defense that has been so dominant through the first third of the season that they’re actually 14th in Fantasy points.

Patriots Defense

If he doesn’t come back in time to face them, now or in the playoffs, so be it. In the words of Ivan Drago, “If he dies, he dies.” No one said the NFL was fair. I just don’t know a single Patriots fan who isn’t hoping for the chance to face Patrick Mahomes. Twice. And beat him twice, just like last year.