CC Sabathia Gave Baseball Everything He Possibly Could And Will Forever Go Down As a Legend Of The Game


I'm sitting here in a puddle of tears. The Yankees will wake up on Friday facing elimination. Their bats have been silenced into the night by Houston's pitching. No one can get a hit. They might have played the sloppiest game of baseball I've ever seen on Thursday night. They just fell over and let Houston stomp all over them. But I'm not in a puddle of tears over the Yankees losing. I've seen this song and dance before. I'm tearing up because CC Sabathia...

In his final appearance ever at Yankee Stadium the man jogged out onto the mound in the 8th inning for one final hurrah. He didn't have to do anything. He has already earned the love and respect from every single fan of the Yankees organization. He didn't owe us anything more. But here was stepping on that mound replacing a useless Adam Ottavino so he could keep them in the ball game for maybe one final comeback in Game 4. 

The man did all he could to get back on the roster after sitting out the ALDS. All he wanted was to be there for his guys and contribute. Here he was trying his best to get some outs and give the offense a shot. He managed to get two outs, but his body eventually gave out. He physically could not throw the baseball anymore. That's the only thing that could stop him. That man loves this sport. He would die for this sport. He almost did die in the offseason with his heart condition. You can try to find me a guy with the heart of a warrior like CC but you'll fail. That guy gave everything to this sport and this team. I'm tearing up just writing this. What a fucking champion that guy is. 58,829 pitches. 250 wins. 3000 strikeouts. Cy Young. World Series champion. That man is a fucking legend and to go out like he did is unfortunate as hell, but it's also heroic. The ovation he got coming off the mound after giving everything was a perfect send off. I mean would I rather it be after a World Series championship? Obviously, but he deserved that moment that he got tonight. For one split second everyone forgot about the game and the series and just gave CC one last standing ovation. If I wasn't on a live stream at HQ and I was at the stadium or in my room I'd probably have broke down like I am now. CC deserves so much for what he gave to this city over the years. Yankee fan or not, if you cannot appreciate a guy going out there and literally giving it everything he has then you suck as a human being. 

I fucking love you Carsten Charles Sabathia. Thank You.