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Kevin Gates Said He Had To Lose Weight After A Baby Tried To Drink Out Of His Man Boobs

Every fat guy has a moment of realization. A crossroads if you will. Where you either have to look yourself in the mirror and decide enough is enough or find some happiness within to continue being fat and jolly. Like Santa. Well, Kevin Gates didn’t need a mirror, or a scale, or a doctor to tell him it was time to cut out the carbs and hit the gym. No no. For Gates it was the world’s least picky infant. This thirsty son of a gun just needed something supple to suck and it was ready to go. Didn’t need to be related, didn’t need to be the correct gender, none of that. No need to get mama on the horn, pops, Chesty McGee here has plenty to feed a village. A small army could feast at the teat of this beast for the rest of the winter, no need to break into the pantry and waste any of our preserves. Kevin Gates is clearly a man of great patience because I believe the law states that he was well within his rights to swing on this infant after this wild display of disrespect.