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Everyone's Dog Should Be Exactly Like My Dog Gus Because He's Perfect And Adorable And This Video Proves It Once And For All

God damn it I just love that puppy so much. A few years ago I walked into the Animal Care Services and Gus was one of the dogs in there. He was skinny as hell, had road rash from being hit by a car, and was 48 hours from being put to sleep.

Over the last 6 years, he’s become my best bud and the best birthday present Ive ever gotten for the low, low price of just 10 dollars.

We were having some issues this morning and Gus was just being Gus. He was being lazy and wagging his tail any time I started to talk. If only the Stoolies were like that too, am I right folks?

Anyway, I love Gus and thought you might too. He’s a good boy.