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Baseball FanDuel Tomorrow! $6,000 Up For Grabs Out On the Diamond!



  • 266 player league, multi entry (3 max)
  • Prizes: $6,000. $1,200 for first.
  • Format: MLB Salary Cap 35k. $25 buy-in.
  • Start: Tomorrow 7:05pm EDT
  • Ends: Prizes paid by this Saturday


So, I haven’t been doing so well in FanDuel. Typically I’d use that as a selling point. Say that since I have some skin in the game it’s even easier money. But the fact of the matter is I’m a warm weather player. I’m like a Dominican player in that sense, I start the season slow but once the season heats up so do I. Well anyone see the weather for tomorrow? 77 and sunny! Someone’s gonna be swinging a hot stick.


So I’ll make a deal with everyone who signs up. When I win $1,200 this week I’ll reward the other contestants by being extra funny. Not a bad deal, eh?