Turns Out The Boston Man Who Saved All The Marathon People From Getting Robbed Isn't A Good Samaritan. He's THE BEST Samaritan.

CHICAGO — New video shows the moment a Good Samaritan disarmed a robber on a CTA Blue Line train Sunday morning before the Chicago Marathon.

As the train stopped at Cumberland, Jean Paul LaPierre stepped off and asked another commuter why marathoners seemed to be rushing for the doors.

“I said ‘this doesn’t seem like the right way.’ He said ‘No, there’s a guy on the train walking around right now robbing people.' That kind of made me mad,” LaPierre said.

He decided to head back onto the train and confront the man entirely on his own. What happened next was caught on video by a passenger still on the train.

In town from the Boston area where he runs a storage facility, the 54-year-old said he’s used to tough guys. Golden Gloves boxing in his youth armed him for this encounter.

Despite the stand-off on the CTA, LaPierre says he loves Chicago.

“It’s one of the best cities I’ve ever visited. Incidents happen all over. It is what it is, you know?!” LaPierre said.

I recommend reading that in full detail because before we go any further, you really need to get a flavor for what transpired on Marathon Sunday morning to appreciate everything I'm about to share about Jean Paul LaPierre (JPL). 

You see a lot of people are labeling him a Good Samaritan for this one act. They're calling him a hero and asking for statue design submissions for the Cumberland Blue Line stop. Literally everyone and their mother is trying to suck this guy's dick for breaking up the attempted robberies and rightfully so: 


Hot story no doubt especially for anyone with any experience taking the CTA in Chicago and especially if it's on the Red or Blue line. There are other, shittier "lines" for sure, but Red and Blue has the biggest mix from fancy pants corporate lawyers to the absolute dregs of society. And as such, it's a no-eye-contact, head down, get me the fuck out of here kind of place. 

So the the fact JPL would voluntarily interfere with aggravated robberies in progress while basically on a vacation is so crazy to me. Take a day off bro. 

But then I realize this isn't any just Good Samaritan. This is Jean Paul LaPierre we're talking about. 

This motherfucker LIVES for Good Samaritan acts. 

Right Google? 


CANTON, Mass. — "All I could think about was getting the little boy," said the good Samaritan who rescued a 1-year-old trapped, along with his mother, in a chain-reaction crash on Route 128 Friday morning.

Jean Paul LaPierre was driving home from his all-night job at the Sugar Bakery in West Roxbury when he came upon the crash and felt he had to help.

"As I got closer I could hear a child crying in a muffled way and saw a woman trapped in the front seat," said LaPierre as tears flowed freely down his cheeks.

LaPierre, who has no children of his own, suffered cuts to both arms as he tried to clear debris and unlock the car seat holding the young child.

"I felt that the baby couldn't breathe. I was pulling things out of there. I was losing my strength. A gentleman was nearby and I said 'please help me'," he said.

"I think sometimes in life you are called upon and have to act. I just kept thinking we had to get that baby out. We had God on our side," he said.

When's the last time you saved a baby from a burning car? Was it before or after you saved your neighbors from a BURMESE PYTHON?

A Burmese Python that disappeared from a backyard in Newton, Mass. has been located and returned to its home, police said.

The 6- to 8-foot pet snake named Lightning was initially reported missing last Tuesday.

Jean-Paul LaPierre, a self-proclaimed snake expert, found Lightning in a yard adjacent to the owners' yard, Newton Police said. He says picked it up and walked it home about 100 yards to the owner.

"I just put myself in that animal's place, because I lived with them, so I know what they're looking for, where they're trying to go to," LaPierre said. "It's just a sense."

"ITS JUST A SENSE" he says while describing his intuitive discovery of the exotic beast. What a savage. Literally. This fucking guy is an endangered species himself.

Is Professional Good Samaritan a thing? Because if so, JPL is coming for the crown. A true man of the people: 

LaPierre said he went on to run his 12th Chicago Marathon. But he also told us, he’s what’s known in the running world as a “bandit,” someone who runs marathons without always registering or paying.

Not everyone needs a medal for their accomplishment. 

For JPL, your respect will do just fine: